eRepair Project

How to repair Project files online

Online Project Repair Tool

How to repair corrupted *.ppt, *.pptx files with Microsoft Project presenatations


Repair MPP files all versions

Exports recovered data directly in Microsoft Project

Multilanguage interface

Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows


  1. Download and install software from here:
  2. Select corrupted *.mpp file on first page of eRepair Project
  3. Press "Analyze"
  4. Preview content from recovered MPP file of Microsoft Project
  5. Press "Strat Recovery"

eRepair Project exports repaired data directly into Microsoft Project. Microsoft Project must be installed on PC. Microsoft Project and eRepair Project must be installed under single customer's account included into Administrators group in Windows. How to repair mpp file instructions.

The MPP Repair Tool is distributed under the "Try before Buy" License. You should try to repair a corrupted MPP file with a Projects before purchase.

How to repair MS Project file is very simple step-by-step procedure (see above). You can recover corrupted project in 5 simple steps.

Requirements of the MPP Repair Tool:
  • Windows 98 or above

How to repair Microsoft Project file online. The Online Microsoft Projects repair service available here:


The MPP Repair Tool helps to fix errors:

  • An unexpected problem occurred while opening the file. The file may be damaged. Try using a backup copy.
  • Project cannot recognize this file format. Do you want to open this file as text only?
  • The file cannot be opened.

How it Works?


Download software from website: eRepairProjectInstall.exe


Start Install software:

  1. Press on downloaded installation file in browser
  2. Select a downloaded installation file in Windows Explorer and press Enter or double click on it.


Please confirm warning message:


Run installation wizard:


Run program:

  • Double click on icon on desktop:


  • Select from main menu: Start | Programs | eRepair Project | eRepair Project


Please select a damaged Microsoft Project *.mpp file:


Press Analyze button:


Content of source Microsoft Project file. Press Start Recovery button to save the results.


On the last page, you will find a detailed log of the recovery process:

Video Manual

How to repair damaged mpp files: eRepair Project helps to fix corrupted *.mpp files in few clicks.


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