Repair Project .mpp files after damage. Restore data from corrupted MS Project files.
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  • eRepair Project – usage manual

    eRepair Project (download) recovers data from corrupted Microsoft Project files (*.mpp). The simple multi-step wizard walks you through the recovery process in a breeze regardless of your computer skill level.

    If the automatic mode of eRepair Project cannot recover your data use the Send source file command to attach the file to an email message from your default email client that will be sent to the program’s development. When the developers receive the file they will attempt a manual restoration and they will keep you posted as to the process.

    You must have Microsoft Project installed on your computer for the eRepair Project to finish complete restoration process and recover your data. An overview of the process is below.

    Step 1. Selection of a damaged file

    The first thing you have to do is select the file you want to work with.  There are a couple of ways to do that:

    1. Enter the name of the path and file into the program’s input field
    2. Use the standard dialog;
    3. Select a previously used file from the dropdown list.

    Select damaged MS Project .mpp file

    Next, click the Analyze button. The program will ask for confirmation, and once you confirm the program will load the step 2.

    Step 2. Analysis of the file and data recovery

    Step two is totally automated eRepair Project analyzes the file structure and identifies the items that are recoverable.  The time this process takes depends on the speed of your computer and the size of the file.  A table that contains the names of identified tasks, their durations, the start and finish dates, the predecessor IDs and any associated resource names will appear.  Review it and then proceed to the final stage of the recovery process.  To do this, click Start recovery.

    Project recovery tool for damaged .mpp files

    Step 3. Viewing and saving the recovered data

    Now the program will recover the data from the corrupted file and sends it to Microsoft Project, so the project is easily and readily editable.  Edit it and save it.

    Click the Finish button to stop working with the program. To restore data from another file, use the Back button to go back to the file selection stage.

    MS Project recovery tool - processing log

    The support department is here if you need any assistance, but we feel confident that you will have no trouble working with this simple to use, fantastic program.