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Repair Project .mpp files after damage. Restore data from corrupted MS Project files.
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  • Repair MS Project MPP File

    Posted on October 22nd, 2010 admin No comments

    eRepair Project – an all-in-one tool for recovering data from damaged Microsoft Project files

    When you’re in the middle of a project the worst thing that can happen is that you lose your project plan. You input your tasks, important milestones, and other project notes into a MS Project with the idea that it will keep your project on task and make you life easier.  What do you do when one of those files becomes unreadable? With the project plan lost, it is certain that there will be a delay in the project itself, or many hours spent saving the project.  Many things can contribute to or cause data loss – power failure, server crashes, virus attacks, data breach, or user error.  Whatever the reason, data loss can be devastating.  If you’ve ever lost data, you know it can make you feel helpless, frustrated, and quite frightened.  eRepair Project (download) was created for recovering all recoverable data from corrupted .MPP to save you the time and heartache that data loss causes.

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    Microsoft MS Project recovery. Microsoft Project recovery. .MPP recovery.

    A multi-step wizard is the interface used by eRepair Project.  This means it takes very little effort or know-how on your part to recover your data.  eRepair Project provides easy to follow onscreen instructions to walk you through each step of restoring your .mpp file – no special skills are needed.  In order to set the tool to work, you have to tell it which file you want it to recover.  There are a few different ways to do this.  You can use the standard Windows open file method, you can type the path and name of the file into the input field of the tool, or you can choose from the dropdown the tool provides.   Click the Analyze button that you’ll see at the lower part of the window once you’ve specified the file and the program will ask you for a quick confirmation.  After that, you’re on your way.  The program will begin an analysis of the file.

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    The next step can take a while, especially if your file is large or your CPU is small.  Not to worry, the process is automated and all you need to do is just keep the program running.. eRepair Project analyzes your specified file and then show you a table with the tasks that are recoverable.  The table not only displays the tasks, but their dates, durations, resource names, and predecessor IDs.  Take a look at the table, and once you’re satisfied with the data the program is set to recover, press the Start recovery button and the tool will begin the recovery process.

    Because the time the recovery process takes depends on several variables, a convenient tracking bar will appear so that you can see how far along the project is.  MS Project must be installed in order for the recovery to work. eRepair Project opens the recovered file directly in Project, so you can work with it, edit it, and save it right in the program where it belongs.  Other recovery tools for other programs will let you save the file to a specified program, but eRepair Project only will save the file in Project. Once your data is restored and opened in Project, the recovery tool displays a log of the actions performed by the tool so that you can see everything that has been done. Quit the program with a click of the Finish button. To work with a different corrupted file, click Back and the tool will take you back to the file selection stage.

    The Send source file is a command located in the main menu of the tool. The developers analyze your file and attempt to perform a manual recovery. They will contact you to update you on the progress of the project. They will also take what they’ve learned from your data to update the algorithm the tool uses to make it better for future users, and for you.

    eRepair Project is an easy to use, quick, and compact and makes the dreaded recovery of corrupted MS Project an effortless process. There is no need to hire a third party IT professional or anyone else.  Just use eRepair Project in a few clicks of the mouse your data will be restored and your project will be back on track.